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The College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington seeks candidates for a full-time associate or full professor, to serve as Chair in the Department of American Indian Studies. American Indian Studies (AIS) at UW is a multidisciplinary academic department that offers an undergraduate major and a minor. It is also home to the Native Voices graduate program in indigenous film, video, and digital media. The department faculty represent a range of disciplines and approach their... Read more
Theurapetic Nations book cover
Professor Dian Million's first book, Therapeutic Nations: Healing in an Age of Indigenous Human Rights, is now available from the University of Arizona Press. Self-determination is on the agenda of Indigenous peoples all over the world. This analysis by an Indigenous feminist scholar challenges the United Nations–based human rights agendas and colonial theory that until now have shaped Indigenous models of... Read more
Twilight wolf pack
AIS 475A: Summer 2013 B-term The Twilight Series: Native Image and Myth Instructor: Elissa Washuta ( MTWTh 1:10 - 3:20 5 credits I&S (VLPA may be added) SLN: 10053   Since the publication of the Twilight novels and their film adaptations,... Read more
AIS 270 A: Summer 2013 A-term Native Peoples of the Northwest Coast Instructor: Charlotte Coté, Ph.D. ( MTWTh 12:00 - 2:10 5 credits I&S SLN: 10048   This course introduces students to the indigenous cultures of the Northwest Coast, extending from Southeast Alaska down along the coastlines of... Read more
AIS 340 A: Summer 2013 A-term The Health and Wealth of Native Nations Instructor: Dian Million, Ph.D. ( MTWTh 10:50 - 1:00 5 credits I&S SLN: 10049   "Many Indian people throughout the Americas say that a rich person is one who has many relatives. This philosophy... Read more
A forerunner in attending the Native Action Network, this article in Indian Country Online is a great source of summary of what Native Action Network for 2013. I had a great opportunity to attend the 9th Annual Native Action Network in Swinomish Lodge, Anacortes, Washington. The Native Action Network is designed to give young Native Women, between high... Read more
Robin Kimmerer
UW Biology's 2013 Mindlin Lecture Reciprocity and Restoration: Finding common ground between indigenous and scientific ecological knowledge Dr. Robin W. Kimmerer Department of Environmental and Forest Biology, SUNY-ESF Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) of indigenous peoples is increasingly being recognized by scientists and policy makers as a potential source of ideas for emerging models of sustainability, conservation biology and... Read more
Great montage of Native American histories that has brought us to present day Idle No More!! We are "bullet proof." Misha Averill is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in American Indian Studies with a minor in Diversity. Her future aspirations include helping Native American communities through preservation of traditions, culture, language, and human rights. Misha has a special interest in Indigenous Rights and cross-culture interactions, and she hopes to attend law school... Read more
The First Nations group at the University of Washington has demonstrated "solidarity" in support for the First Nations people of Canada. The Idle No More campaign is in protest of Bill C-45, a law which would effectively terminate Indigenous peoples' rights in Canada. There is growing support from Native Americans in the United States and even international support around the world for the rights of Indigenous rights. In the following Youtube link, you will find a link to the "flashmob" or... Read more
Idle No More is worldwide! This is a grassroots movement that is taking on many forms, and staying relevant through social media. Please check out the facebook page search: "Idle No More" for more events, happenings, and news information! Check out these videos: Misha Averill is a senior at... Read more