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Silence is violence. how will you use your voice?
Just thought I would share this in relation to Idle No More campaign. There is a need to challenge the "silence" of all peoples for the preservation of our Mother Earth's future and our own! Idle No More and Act! Participate with any of the following:   On February 14, We Are Idle No More! ♥ V-DAY and One Billion Rising ♥ Idle No More is organizing events in solidarity with two important initiatives on February 14th: Idle No More is inviting people to join in creating an inclusive Valentines... Read more
Idle No More
  Here is a quick rundown of what the Idle No More Movement: Who?  The movement is supporting First Nations people of Canada. What?  A grassroots movement to get people mobile to join in the fight for honoring ancestry treaty rights, in protest of the new legislation policies that were passed in Canada last year. Some of the federal law changes include: Fisheries Act, the Canada Grain Act, the holding of hazardous materials, and making changes... Read more
Rich Indians book cover
Alexandra Harmon's most recent book, Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth, is now available in paperback. Published in 2010 by UNC Press, the book examines seven instances of Indian affluence and the dilemmas they presented both for Native Americans and for Euro-Americans—dilemmas rooted in the colonial origins of the modern American economy. Harmon's study not only compels... Read more
Charlotte Cote and Daniel Hart
Voices of the First Peoples showcases films created by American Indian filmmakers, many of them produced through the Native Voices program at the University of Washington, as well as other award-winning PBS films. The films explore themes of identity, survival, racism and exploitation, children, history, community, and activism,... Read more
Space is still available in AIS 350: TWO-DIMENSIONAL ART OF THE NORTHWEST COAST INDIANS. Department: American Indian Studies Instructor: Marvin Oliver SLN: 10174 VLPA MT 3:30 - 5:20 pm Studio course emphasizes principles of structure and style of two-dimensional art which can be found on many old, traditional Northwest Coast pieces,... Read more
Space is still available in AIS 431: HISTORY OF AMERICAN INDIAN EDUCATION. Department: American Indian Studies Instructor: Michael Tulee SLN: 10175 I&S TuTh 8:30 - 10:20 am This course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive view of Indian Education based on an indigenous perspective. This course will introduce students to Native American education on a national level and in... Read more
Space is still available in AIS 230: INDIAN GAMING AND CASINOS. Department: American Indian Studies Instructor: Mary Wright SLN: 10169 I&S MW 12:30 - 2:20 pm Gaming--casinos and bingo--as a Tribal sovereignty practice is the class focus. Pre-contact and historic gambling among the Indigenous peoples of North America begin the class. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988), court cases and... Read more
Space is still available in AIS 203: Philosophical and Aesthetic Universes. Department: American Indian Studies Instructor: Carol Warrior SLN: 22028 I&S MW 11:30- 1:20 pm This course satisfies one of the introductory course requirements for the American Indian Studies major and minor. Through readings, discussions, lectures, and group work, we’ll consider Indigenous North American... Read more
Space is still available in AIS 475 C: Zombies and Indians. Department: American Indian Studies Instructor: Chad Uran SLN: 10178 I&S MW 330 - 520 pm   While zombies have existed at some level of reality for centuries, it was not until the 20th Century that zombies overran the global popular imagination. Because of their origins at the many points of collision between colonizer and colonized... Read more
The Department of American Indian Studies seeks class proposals for Winter 2012 through Spring 2013. A list of AIS classes is available at:   We are especially interested in receiving proposals to teach the following classes: AIS 110: Musical Traditions of Native North America AIS 201: Introduction to American Indian Histories AIS 203:... Read more