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    Dancers at Burke Museum Opening

The American Indian Studies Department at the University of Washington advances and promotes knowledge integral to Native peoples through research, teaching, and community service. It is the largest and most comprehensive program of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.


The American Indian Studies Department offers a major in American Indian Studies, a minor in American Indian Studies, and a minor in Oceania & Pacific Islander Studies.

American Indian Studies approaches its teaching and research from a decolonized, community based, and global perspective. American Indian Studies faculty and students strive to develop innovative theories and methodologies that increase knowledge about Indigenous Peoples and support the needs of Indigenous communities. The department promotes faculty and student exchange programs with institutions that are committed to a deeper understanding of Indigenous communities and Peoples throughout the world.

Native Voices

Native Voices is the masters degree program in Native American Documentary, Film, and New Digital Media, with Professors Dan Hart and Luana Ross serving as co-directors. Native Voices has been working with Indigenous students and producers for more than fifteen years.

Documentaries produced by the students in our program have won awards and have been screened at Sundance, at the American Indian Film Festival—where Native Voices graduate Rosemary Gibbons won the first prize for documentary—at the Museum of Modern Art, at the National Museum of the American Indian, and at many other venues. Native Voices films are used at scores of American and International universities to teach Indigenous education.

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