Affiliated Centers & Programs

Our department connects students and scholars across three UW campuses, dozens of academic disciplines, international research centers, and the Burke Museum to honor and create Indigenous Knowledge. There are many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning and collaboration.

  • Burke Museum

    The Burke brings research and collections out from behind the scenes so you can bring your perspective and your passions forward.  

    As the Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture, our collections are your collections. We can use them to learn about the past, connect to the world around us, and create a better future together.

  • Center for American Indian & Indigenous Studies

    We are a community of American Indian, Alaska Native, First Nations, Native Hawaiian, Indigenous, and non-Indigenous scholars dedicated to producing knowledge that promotes the sovereignty, wellness, and understanding of northwest coastal and plateau tribes and nations and other Indigenous peoples.


    Our mission is to grow and strengthen partnerships between the UW, northwest coastal and plateau tribes and nations and other Indigenous peoples through research, teaching, learning, and community engagement.


    Our vision is to create a University of Washington that recognizes, values, and strengthens American Indian, Alaska Native, and other Indigenous intellectual traditions, communities, and futures.

  • Ethnic Cultural Center and Theater

     The Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center of the University of Washington is part of The Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity. The Kelly ECC has a wealth of resources and opportunities available to students including student advising, organizational development, personal growth, and referrals to different departments and programs.

  • Indigenous Wellness Research Institute

    To support the inherent rights of Indigenous peoples to achieve full and complete health and wellness by collaborating in decolonizing research and knowledge building and sharing.

    To marshal community, tribal, academic, and governmental resources toward innovative, culture-centered interdisciplinary, collaborative social and behavioral research and education.

  • wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House

 A primary purpose of wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House is to increase Native American students’ success at UW by preparing them for leadership roles in their tribal communities and the region. While the UW has made promising gains in recruiting Native American students, retention and graduation rates for Native American students fall short of those of other student groups, both at UW and at colleges across the country. wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House will support students’ ability to remain involved in their home tribes and communities through its social and academic programs and its symbolic design. We envision that tribal elders and community members will gather together at wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ – Intellectual House for dialogue, storytelling, and sharing knowledge with our students.