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Certificate in Business Essentials of Tribal Gaming & Hospitality Management

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Due to continuing COVID-19 restrictions and concerns, the certificate program is scheduled to return in Summer 2022.

The Department of American Indian Studies, in conjunction with the Foster School of Business, will offer a summer certificate program in Tribal Gaming and Hospitality Management. This 10-credit program spans the full summer term (June 22 to August 13) and is open to current UW students, visiting students, and the general public.

In this program, we’ll explore the essentials of business and how they can be applied to the tribal gaming and hospitality management field. You’ll learn the key principles and concepts of accounting and finance, marketing and business management. We’ll study the unique aspects of the tribal gaming industry as they relate to customer markets, ethics, core business processes and people management, and you’ll develop skills that can help advance your career in the field.

Program Features

  • Undergraduate academic credit
  • Capstone project to develop a business plan related to the tribal gaming industry
  • Onsite visits to tribal gaming facilities
  • Guest speakers from the tribal gaming and hospitality industry

Key Outcome

You'll learn the essentials of accounting, finance, business management and marketing, with a specific focus on the tribal gaming and hospitality industry.

Program Format

This 10-credit certificate program generally runs from late June through mid-August every Summer. Classes are held in a series of three sessions, each lasting four consecutive days for a total of 12 sessions.

Because this course is designed with experiential learning in mind, all class sessions will be held on site at various partner casinos throughout in the state of Washington. Lodging on site will be will be arranged through the program, but transportation is the responsibility of individual students.

The section dates are as follows:

Management Essentials: TBD Summer 2022

Accounting Essentials: TBD Summer 2022

Marketing Essentials: TBD Summer 2022

Students seeking financial aid have the opportunity to receive two additional class credits in order to achieve the minimum twelve credits required for financial aid. Please email Kai Wise ( if you have interest in applying for these credits.

A limited number of internships will be available to students enrolled in this program.


The program offers an integrated body of knowledge focusing on business and management topics relevant to tribal gaming and hospitality management. You must complete four courses during Summer Quarter 2020 to earn the certificate. Email Kai Wise ( with registration questions.

MARKETING ESSENTIALS: AIS 275 B / MKTG 275 B (3 credits) - SLN 10044

We'll explore marketing principles and their usefulness in tribal gaming and hospitality settings. You'll examine controllable and uncontrollable factors in making marketing decisions and the implications of product life cycle on decision making, and you'll develop working knowledge of marketing strategy.

MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS: AIS 275 A / MGMT 275 B (3 credits) - SLN 10043

You'll look at management and leadership through understanding individuals, teams and organizations. We'll discuss relevant concepts and applications of strategic planning, problem solving, conflict management, negotiation, change management and control systems. The course also covers current issues regarding ethical behavior, social responsibility and diversity.


We'll study the economic foundations of accounting systems. Investigate the short-term and long-term implications of using accounting information to evaluate performance, create budgets and analyze financial statements. The course includes what you need to know to be financially literate in a business setting.

BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT CAPSTONE: AIS 499 B / MGMT 490 B (1 credit) - SLN 10049

You'll work on a project team to author a business plan for a product line or marketing initiative within an existing organization, and create a report that you can include in your portfolio. This project will combine information and assignments from the other three courses into a cohesive whole.

Program Cost

The cost of summer quarter tuition and fees for matriculated and nonmatriculated students can be found here.

Registration and More Information

Summer Quarter registration begins on April 13, 2020. This program is open to all UW students and members of the public. To register as a non-UW student, follow the steps listed on the UW Summer Quarter website.