Flashmob at UW: Idle No More

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The First Nations group at the University of Washington has demonstrated "solidarity" in support for the First Nations people of Canada. The Idle No More campaign is in protest of Bill C-45, a law which would effectively terminate Indigenous peoples' rights in Canada. There is growing support from Native Americans in the United States and even international support around the world for the rights of Indigenous rights. In the following Youtube link, you will find a link to the "flashmob" or Round dance on the campus of UW, taking place in Red Square in January of 2013.

A special thanks to: Shanoa Pinkham, First Nations @ UW, and all who participated! For More information about Idle No More please visit:

  1. http://idlenomore.ca/
  2. Idle No More Facebook Community  


Misha AverillMisha Averill is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in American Indian Studies with a minor in Diversity. Her future aspirations include helping Native American communities through preservation of traditions, culture, language, and human rights. Misha has a special interest in Indigenous Rights and cross-culture interactions, and she hopes to attend law school for tribal government and Indian law.