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Call for Course Proposals from the Department of American Indian Studies

Submitted by Elissa Washuta on November 2, 2011 - 6:33am

The Department of American Indian Studies seeks class proposals for Winter 2012 through Spring 2013.

A list of AIS classes is available at:  

We are especially interested in receiving proposals to teach the following classes:

AIS 110: Musical Traditions of Native North America

AIS 201: Introduction to American Indian Histories

AIS 203: Introduction: Philosophical and Aesthetic Universes  

However, we would like to receive proposals for various courses from instructors with a wide variety of backgrounds. Ideal candidates will have teaching experience and familiarity with tribal communities. MA/PhD preferred.

Please send a one-page course description and CV to Tom Colonnese, AIS Chair, at

American Indian Studies is seeking proposals for adjunct teaching.  We have not received funding for an additional, full-time position.  We will only be able to add additional classes to the extent that we receive and continue to receive funding for adjunct teaching.  We are very eager to reach out and expand our pool of eligible instructors.