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Teaching Assistant
Assistant Professor, Art History, Curator of Northwest Native American Art, Burke Museum, Director, Bill Holm Center, Burke Museum and Adjunct Assistant Professor, American Indian Studies
Charlotte Coté
Associate Professor
Jean Dennison
Associate Professor, American Indian Studies; Co-Director, Center for American Indian and Indigenous Studies
Roger Fernandes in the middle of a story
Stephanie Fryberg
Professor, AIS & Psychology; William P. and Ruth Gerberding University Professor
p joshua griffin photo
Assistant Professor
Dan Hart
Professor Emeritus and Co-Director, Native Voices
Profile of Tami Hohn
Associate Professor Emerita, Information School
Associate Professor and Chair
Cynthia Pearson
Associate Director of Research, Indigenous Wellness Research Institute, and Adjunct Associate Professor, American Indian Studies
Joshua L. Reid
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Emerita of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Co-Director, Native Voices



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