Short Documentary about Idle No More

Submitted by Misha Averill on

This is the time for Unity! The following video has a couple of different features of what Idle No More is to people today. Idle No More is more than just the young rising up, but rather a recognition of the ancestors and the spiritual connections we Indigenous peoples have with Mother Earth. We are the ones to speak for the trees, for the waters, for all the living spirits here on Earth. We can overcome internalized oppression. We are not invisible anymore! All political beliefs are set aside. "Indigenous people are standing together and coming together as all human beings." - Karina, from the following film

Misha Averill is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in American Indian Studies with a minor in Diversity. Her future aspirations include helping Native American communities through preservation of traditions, culture, language, and human rights. Misha has a special interest in Indigenous Rights and cross-culture interactions, and she hopes to attend law school for tribal government and Indian law.