Idle No More Voices

Submitted by Misha Averill on

This is such an empowering and strong young lady, Zondra "Zoey" Roy, with kind words for the future. She has experienced and participated in many "Idle No More" matters; some including visiting chemical-contamination sites on the Canadian Reserve, Blockades, and joining in song with a hand drum. Zoey is an enthisiest for the rights of Indigenous peoples and challenges us all to "wake up" and recognize the future happenings. Idle No More is a grassroots movement that cannot go ignored. First Nations people cannot be ignored. Our Mother Earth cannot be ignored. ... Bill C-45 cannot be ignored.

Misha Averill is a senior at the University of Washington, majoring in American Indian Studies with a minor in Diversity. Her future aspirations include helping Native American communities through preservation of traditions, culture, language, and human rights. Misha has a special interest in Indigenous Rights and cross-culture interactions, and she hopes to attend law school for tribal government and Indian law.