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Marvin Oliver's work exhibited at Tacoma's Handforth Gallery

Submitted by Elissa Washuta on December 19, 2014 - 1:49pm
“Sea and Sky” by Marvin Oliver. (Photo courtesy of Handforth Gallery)
“Sea and Sky” by Marvin Oliver. (Photo courtesy of Handforth Gallery)

Professor Marvin Oliver's work was featured in the Tacoma Weekly. “Reflections - The Evolution of Works in Paper by Marvin Oliver” runs through Dec. 31 at Handforth Gallery, located within the main branch of Tacoma Public Library. The exhibit includes work from several decades of Professor Oliver’s output.

Of Oliver's work, Dave R. Davison of the Tacoma Weekly writes, "Not content to merely mimic examples of the art of the past, Oliver uses the symbolic visual language of Salish art to speak to contemporary times."

This winter quarter, in the Department of American Indian Studies, Professor Oliver will be teaching his perenially popular course "Two-Dimensional Art of the Northwest Coast Indians." This studio course emphasizes principles of structure and style of two-dimensional art which can be found on many traditional Northwest Coast pieces, such as painted storage boxes and chests, house panels, and ceremonial screens. Students apply these principles in creating a variety of graphic projects.