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Alumni Update: Madrienne Salgado

Submitted by Elissa Washuta on January 14, 2017 - 1:45pm

After graduating from the University of Washington, Madrienne Salgado (B.A., American Indian Studies, 2008) worked in the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe’s legal office (where she is enrolled) and was subsequently offered the position of Public Affairs Support Specialist in the Tribe’s Intergovernmental Affairs department. Her administrative responsibilities include planning for and facilitating the Tribe’s Public Affairs Committee (which covers Government Relations/Political strategy/community outreach and more), organizing and executing government and public relations efforts, as well as the general administration of the department and the Tribe’s charitable donations program. Madrienne works with lobbyists, consultants, and staff to analyze public policy and develop strategies for state, local, and federal legislative agendas. Issues cover a kaleidoscope of areas, including Natural Resources, Health and Human Services, Housing, Education, Transportation, and Gaming. In addition to advancing the Tribe’s intergovernmental and public relations endeavors, the fundamental objective of her work includes preserving the Tribe’s treaty rights and protecting the integrity of Tribal sovereignty.

Her work in public relations and with the philanthropic arm of the Tribe fosters community outreach and education efforts. Madrienne often attends charitable events, galas, meetings, committees, speaking engagements, and assemblies on behalf of the Tribe. She has also worked with her colleague and mentor, former State Senator Claudia Kauffman, as well as with community leaders and consultants on various projects that inform and educate the public on general tribal information, the Muckleshoot history, community, and culture.

Madrienne was recently promoted to manage the Intergovernmental Affairs department. In addition to her managerial and administrative duties, she plans to use this opportunity to increase her participation in advocating on the Tribe’s behalf in Olympia and in DC. She has been highly involved with tribal and community committees and boards, offering service in event planning, policy and program development, analysis, and fundraising. These include the Muckleshoot Housing Board, Muckleshoot Planning Board, Muckleshoot Loan Underwriting Review Committee, the Muckleshoot Powwow Committee, El Centro de la Raza Board, UW OMAD Friends of Educational Opportunities Board, Seattle Art Museum Education and Community Engagement committee, and the Pioneer Human Services Board. 

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