Indigenous Highlight: Podcast, "Ways of Knowing" featuring Chadwick Allen

Submitted by Mckenna M Dorman on
Ways of Knowing Podcast

Have you heard? UW Professors from the College of Arts and Sciences were featured on the new "Ways of Knowing" Podcast. Episode 7 featured Chad Allen who discusses the Indigenous knowledge around earthworks and mounds.

Give it a listen:…

From UW News: Chadwick Allen is a professor of English and American Indian studies at the University of Washington, and he studies Native American earthworks and cultural erasure. The Octagon Earthworks, he explains, is actually a gigantic clock designed using substantial astronomical knowledge. In this episode, Allen traces the past, present and future of mound earthworks, which he describes as feats of astronomy, engineering and coordinated labor.

Season 1: Ways of Knowing This first series is an introduction to different analytical methods and disciplines in the humanities, from close reading, deconstruction, and translational analysis, to black studies, material culture, and disability studies. The season is produced in partnership with University of Washington. This season features faculty from the University of Washington College of Arts & Sciences as they explore race, immigration, history, the natural world – even comic books. Each episode analyzes a work, or an idea, and provides additional resources for learning more.

“Ways of Knowing” is a collaboration between the The World According to Sound and the University of Washington. Podcast producers Sam Harnett and Chris Hoff – the World According to Sound – interviewed faculty on the UW campus in early 2023.