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We all have a reciprocal relationship with Mother Earth, for we care for her and in turn she cares for us! There is a need, more than ever to respect the resources of Earth. We shall not exploit the precious elements of Earth, no longer for they may run short in returning to us. I feel that this following image was too good not to share! Please join in the support for Idle No More! For more information please ... Read more
This is such an empowering and strong young lady, Zondra "Zoey" Roy, with kind words for the future. She has experienced and participated in many "Idle No More" matters; some including visiting chemical-contamination sites on the Canadian Reserve, Blockades, and joining in song with a hand drum. Zoey is an enthisiest for the rights of Indigenous peoples and challenges us all to "wake up" and recognize the future happenings. Idle No More is a grassroots movement that cannot go ignored. First... Read more
Tihei Mauriora! The Link between Māori Education and Constitutional Transformation in Aotearoa Monday, March 4, 2013   Please join us for a welcome luncheon and lecture with VERONICA MAKERE HUPANE TAWHAI visiting Māori (Indigenous) Fulbright Speaker from Aotearoa New Zealand     LUNCHEON:  11:30 am - 12:30 pm Miller Hall 212 University of Washington   LECTURE:  12:30 pm – 2:00 pm Miller Hall 104 University of Washington  ... Read more
Taiaiake Alfred
Please visit this site to read the entire piece title- Idle No More & Indigenous Nationhood. I found this writing to be so enlightening! Taiaiake Alfred is a phenomenal Mohawk author whose expertise in Native American studies is very relevant to histories of all Indigenous peoples. I feel that his... Read more
This is the time for Unity! The following video has a couple of different features of what Idle No More is to people today. Idle No More is more than just the young rising up, but rather a recognition of the ancestors and the spiritual connections we Indigenous peoples have with Mother Earth. We are the ones to speak for the trees, for the waters, for all the living spirits here on Earth. We can overcome internalized oppression. We are not invisible anymore! All political beliefs are set aside... Read more
SAVE THE DATE!! May 1–2 2013 “The Living Breath of Wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ” Indigenous Ways of Knowing Cultural Food Practices and Ecological Knowledge University of Washington Seattle, Washington The University of Washington’s American Indian Studies Department invites you to a two-day symposium to be held May 1-2, 2013 on the UW’s Seattle campus. “The Living Breath of Wǝɫǝbʔaltxʷ:... Read more
Woman with sign supporting chief Teresa Spence
In writting about Idle No More movement I found this poem to be fitting. Chief Teresa did a hunger-strike in protest to the new legistlation that passed in Canada concerning the First Nations people.  Her hunger-strike lasted 6 weeks and came to an end with the meeting of Canada's prime minister to discuss the honoring of ancient treaty rights.  This beautifully written poem is in dedication of Chief Teresa Spence. This poem is co-titled: In Her Honor: Chief Teresa Spence. I was given... Read more
Silence is violence. how will you use your voice?
Just thought I would share this in relation to Idle No More campaign. There is a need to challenge the "silence" of all peoples for the preservation of our Mother Earth's future and our own! Idle No More and Act! Participate with any of the following:   On February 14, We Are Idle No More! ♥ V-DAY and One Billion Rising ♥ Idle No More is organizing events in solidarity with two important initiatives on February 14th: Idle No More is inviting people to join in creating an inclusive Valentines... Read more
Idle No More
  Here is a quick rundown of what the Idle No More Movement: Who?  The movement is supporting First Nations people of Canada. What?  A grassroots movement to get people mobile to join in the fight for honoring ancestry treaty rights, in protest of the new legislation policies that were passed in Canada last year. Some of the federal law changes include: Fisheries Act, the Canada Grain Act, the holding of hazardous materials, and making changes... Read more
Rich Indians book cover
Alexandra Harmon's most recent book, Rich Indians: Native People and the Problem of Wealth, is now available in paperback. Published in 2010 by UNC Press, the book examines seven instances of Indian affluence and the dilemmas they presented both for Native Americans and for Euro-Americans—dilemmas rooted in the colonial origins of the modern American economy. Harmon's study not only compels... Read more