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Even though Seattle isn't even feeling truly springlike yet (the cherry blossoms on the quad don't really cancel out the near-constant rain for me), the autumn 2011 course listings are up! Registration starts... Read more
In the lounge, there's a box of 48 old LP's from the "Folk Music of the United States" series from the Library of Congress Music Division's recording laboratory. Sample record titles: "Songs of the Michigan Lumberjacks" "American Sea Songs and Shanties" "Animal Tales Told in the Gullah Dialect" "Seneca Songs from Coldspring Longhouse" "Songs from the Iroquois Longhouse" "Songs of the Papago" "Indian Songs of Today" We also have a very cool USB turntable, so eventually, two years ago, I... Read more
Right now, we've got four courses on the books for this summer, with a fifth to be added soon. Take a look at the time schedule for more information. AIS 270: Pacific Northwest Natives I&S; A-term, MTuWTh 11:30 - 1:30; Professor Charlotte Cote Examines indigenous societies on the Pacific Northwest's western slope, from southeast Alaska to... Read more
Plasi Cocowee, a memer of the Salish Tribe, works on Kerr Dam at the height of its construction in 1937.
The Place of the Falling Waters, a Native Voices documentary about the Salish and Kootenia tribal histories and the building of the Kerr hydropower dam on Montana’s Flathead Lake, was recently shown at the Ethnic Cultural Center. Falling Waters was produced by Daniel Hart, UW professor of American Indian Studies and Luana Ross, UW associate professor of Women Studies. Read about the screening in... Read more
Native Voices students, past and present, gathered recently at the 2008 Native Voices Film Festival. Photo by Daniel Hart.
The Native Voices program was recently featured in A&S PerspectivesAccording to Professor Dan Hart, co-director of Native Voices with Professor Luana Ross, “First and foremost, we are a graduate program in indigenous research. Students spend as much time studying indigenous research methods as they do learning about documentary filmmaking.”... Read more