Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies Minor

The Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies (OPIS) Minor offers students an opportunity to learn about the histories and contemporary cultures of Oceania through academic coursework and community experiences. The OPIS curriculum is multidisciplinary, comparative, and designed to increase students’ critical and transformative thinking about all aspects of knowledge and practice related to Oceania. 

Minor Requirements:

Minimum 25 credits to include:

  1. Required Introductory Course (5 credits):

    • AIS 102 Introduction to American Indian Studies (AUT only)
  2. Required Asian Pacific Islander Content Course (5 credits), at least one course from: 
    • AAS 206 Contemporary Issues of Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (WIN only)
    • AAS 210 Asian American and Pacific Islander American identity: Race, Ethnicity, and Culture (SPR only)
  3. Practicum Course (5 credits), at least one course from: 
    • AES 494 Community Practicum and Internship
    • AIS 497 Internship
    • ANTH 489 Anthropology Practicum
  4. Electives (10 credits total): At least 5 credits must be at the 300 level or higher. Any other course that has significant Oceania/Pacific Islander Studies content may be approved by the program advisor.  

    OPIS Elective Courses

    AAS 320 Hawai’i’s Literature

    AAS 360 Critical Filipino American Histories

    AAS 385 Asian & Pacific Islander Americans: Race, Law, and Justice

    AAS 392/GWSS 392 Asian American and Pacific Islander Women

    AAS 402 Contemporary Asian American Literature

    ANTH 306 Pacific Islander Representation

    ANTH 312 Pacific Islander Literature and Film

    ARCHY 325 Archaeology of Islands of Southeast Asia and the Pacific

    ENG 257 Asian American Literature

    SMEA 103 Society and the Oceans

    SMEA 485 Pacific Tourism

How do I declare a minor in OPIS?

There are no admission requirements and no prerequisites for the Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies minor. Any undergraduate student with at least sophomore standing (45 credits completed) who isofficially declared in any major may declare this minor with his or her major adviser's permission.

If you have not yet declared a major, but you are interested in pursuing the Oceania and Pacific Islander Studies minor, you are welcome to enroll in courses that will eventually apply toward the minor. These courses will apply to the minor requirements if you choose to declare the minor in the future.

To declare the minor, please meet with your adviser in your major to complete the paperwork. For more information, see the UW's policies on undergraduate minors. For help with course planning, timelining, and other advising concerns within the AIS minor, contact Kai Wise, AIS adviser, at kaiwise@uw.edu.