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Graduate Degree Options

Recent students of the American Indian Studies Department have gone onto graduate studies in such fields as law, linguistics, literature, and documentary filmmaking. The department’s interdisciplinary approach provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, and other areas. Students interested in pursuing graduate degrees are encouraged to contact Kai Wise, academic counselor, to discuss degree planning and possible coursework required in preparation for graduate school applications.

Some institutions offer the opportunity to continue the study of indigenous peoples at the graduate level. A list of these programs has been compiled by Robert M. Nelson.

Around the Region

Several Northwest institutions offer graduate degrees in indigenous studies and tribal governance:

Muckleshoot Cohort

This specific cohort will be Indigenous-centered in the curriculum and approaches in the program. This program is appropriate for students holding a Master’s degree and who are in the educational field (and allied areas) working with Tribal communities. The University of Washington Tacoma in a joint partnership with the Muckleshoot Tribal College are offering Indigenous leaders the opportunity to apply to the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (EdD). The Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership (EdD) is designed to address conceptual issues of the roles educational leaders play in leadership, management/administration and political advocacy. All courses will be taught by Native American faculty/instructors (or individuals who have worked closely with tribal communities).