Final Projects AIS 102

still image of storywork final project flyer
Final Projects from AIS 102, Intro to American Indian Studies, Autumn 2020

These are a sample of the final projects created by undergraduate students in our Autumn 2020 class of AIS 102, Introduction to American Indian Studies with Jean Dennison.

Students were asked to design two-page information sheets that curated, condensed, and presented class ideas. Students created these sheets around a theme of their choice and rather than attempt to represent every detail presented in class, crafted an information sheet on a topic of interest to themselves. 

We will be adding a new information sheet every other week throughout the Spring quarter. Stop in often to view the amazing work and see new projects students are currently working on.

Infosheet #1: Native Stereotyping by Anabelle Manrique
Infosheet #2: Native American Treat Rights by Paige McKenna
Infosheet #3: Something Else by Stephanie Masterman
Infosheet #4: Storywork by Sierra Red Bow
Infosheet #5: Native American Boarding Schools by Tarynne Gendron


If you are an educator and are interested in using these materials, please contact us at for more information. 

If this work inspires you, consider a gift to our Marvin Oliver Memorial Endowment Fund which provides scholarships for students in American Indian Studies.